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Board of Directors



Founder & President

Caitlyn is shown with one of Belladonna's longest residents, Jax. Ever since Caitlyn was small, they had a love for animals and a dream of opening their own animal rescue. They would spend numerous hours at the library reading about all kinds of animals and their care. When they were 12, they made the decision to go vegetarian and has stuck with it ever since.

In 2020, the opportunity arose for Caitlyn and Nick to buy some land and make this dream a reality! They quickly got to work creating a dreamy space to expand their animal family and never looked back!


Founder & treasurer

Pictured here is Nick with resident, Blossom. Nick has been vegetarian for over 6 years and has a unique connection with each of the residents. They are always coming up with new ideas and projects for the animals at the farm. No dream is too big and no animal too small! Belladonna would not exist without Nick's creative mind and ability to get things done!




Brianna has been a long time supporter of Belladonna Rescue & Sanctuary and is excited to take on the role of Secretary! Brianna often helps out with the residents of Belladonna and enjoys participating in our special fundraising events!


Board Member

Alyssa is pictured here with one of the residents, Neo. Alyssa has been a vegetarian for over 10 years and is very passionate about animals and rescue. She enjoys spending time in the pig area giving belly rubs and bringing them yummy fruits to munch on! Alyssa is excited for the opportunity to aid Belladonna Rescue & Sanctuary in their mission to help animals and provide them with a safe, loving space.

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