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Belladonna Rescue & Sanctuary

About Us

Belladonna is a 501(c)(3) non-profit farmed animal rescue and sanctuary located on the outskirts of

West Lafayette, Indiana. 

Belladonna was founded by Nick and Caitlyn Rhorer in 2020 when they adopted their first four pigs from Kanda Farm Sanctuary. From there it just keep growing! In 2021, Belladonna became an official non-profit sanctuary for farmed animals.

Currently, Belladonna is home to a variety of animals including pigs, sheep, chickens, roosters, bunnies, guinea pigs, ducks, dogs, cats, and one sassy cow! You can learn more about them Here!



Belladonna Rescue & Sanctuary is committed to providing a forever home to farmed animals and educating the public through advocacy and animal interaction. 



We envision a future where every animal is treated with compassion and has a safe and loving place to call home.


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